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Bogenfels and Pomona ghost town

The Bogenfels rock arch is a 55 m high lime rock formed like a bridge. It is situated at the south Atlantic coast in the middle of the Restricted Diamond Area about 100 km south of Lüderitz. 

As the name Restricted Diamond Area already implies the region is not easily accessible. However there is a tour operator based in Lüderitz who holds the concession for the area and who offers different tours to the Bogenfels. Normally one cannot drive directly to the site, but a short walk takes the expectant visitors to the arch. The reward for this quite strenuous walk down to the coast line is rewarded by the sight of the characteristic and famous profile of the Bogenfels, carved out by wind and weather.

Once in this godforsaken area there are other interesting places to visit: The deserted ghost towns Elisabeth Bay and Pomona. When the German diamond company stopped the mining here these places were given up and became a welcome prey for the desert.

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