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Lüderitz was founded 1883 by the german trader Adolf Lüderitz. The town is marked by german colonial architecture still to this day.

Our weather is constant during the year 19 to 26 degrees with occasional heavy south west wind and sometimes sandsorms. Warm clothes are recommended, even if the day is bright and sunny, the chilly wind at Diaz Point catches you off guard.

The drinking water supply has followed from the Koichab Pan about 65 km in the Namib desert since 1968. It is one of the claenest water in the whole of Africa.

Points of interest in Lüderitz

Lüderitz Museum

The history of the town is documented by photos and memorial pieces. A model shows the functionalism of diamonds mining.

Colonial architecture

A lot of buildings in Lüderitz are still from colonial times.

The Goerke house was built for the german officer Hans Goerke in 1907. The house captivates with his roof constructions, overhangs and oriels in a pointed, flat and piece together way; everything in light blue under a red roof.

The Woermann house is simple construction in the basic, but it seems the house growed up out of the rocks. Many rocks must be blew up during the erection. This pieces form the bricks up to the first floor. Furthermore it shines on the nothern side with two oriels and three balconies in the first floor.

The Railroad station is a typical style of german colonial architecture from 1914.