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Activities in Lüderitz and surroundings

Boat trips

(Nearly) every day at 8 o'clock you can make a trip with the "Sedina" to Halifax-island. There is a sea of old house ruins from the colonial age on the island, which are occupied by jackass-penguins and cormoranes.
A booking is required at the guest house "Zur Waterkant". The meeting place is the wooden jetty in the harbour.

Tours around the Lüderitz peninsula

he entire peninsula drive is 65 km long. Fill up your tank, pack comfortable and also warm clothing, extra film and sun screen and let's go to the lunar landscape of the unique peninsula. At all bays you will find enough place for picnicing, fishing and swimming. Or you sit down on a rock at all and look at the roaring waves.....

Second lagoon: This lagoon is a paradise for flamingos and is known for its oyster culture. Fish can be easily caught in the shallow waters.

Sturmvogel bay: A whaling station was built in 1914 nearby. Today it is used by a youth centre.

Diaz point: The Portuguese navigator Bartholomeu Diaz landed here in 1486 and erected the original stone cross. 1929 a symbolical cross was put up, which was replaced by a replica of the original cross in 1988. The wooden footbridge is from 1911/12.

Eberlanz cave: The white painted stones are for your orientation. After a ten-minutes-long stony walk you arrive at the small cave. Even a visitors' book is ready for your entries.

Grosse Bucht: The most beautiful beach of the peninsula. A wonderful place ideal for doing long walks, swimming (water temperature about 12 degrees !) or surfing. You could catch lobster for dinner, when you have got a good equipment.

Feral horses of Garub

An attraction in the southern part of the Namib are the Feral Horses of Garub. These horses have successfully bypassed their role as working or breeding horses. They are independent of humans (more or less) and they fascinate us with their adapted live in a very inhospitable area and infinite freedom.The horses can be viewed from a shelter put up against the heat close to the water hole. This has also been made possible by the integration of 350 km² of the Restricted Diamond Area 2 into the Namib Naukluft Park in 1986. To get to Garub one hast to travel along the B4 from Aus to Lüderitz. 20 km behind Aus a small gravel road leads to the above mentioned water hole.