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Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond town

Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond town built around 1910, is the most famous ghost town in Namibia. The ghost town of Kolmanskop is close to Lüderitz.

1908 the first diamonds were found at Grasplatz, a station stop. Today the most Kolmanskop buildings suffocate in the desert sand and were built between 1908 and 1910. More than five millions carat of diamonds were produced in the first six years. The first world war, the dramatic drop in prices of diamonds and new occurrence in Oranjemund let the town go to rack and ruin since 1956.

The impressive stag houses drown today in the greedy sand. You climb up the dunes to reach the first and second floor. Some buildings were restored and the visitor can use the old bowling alley or a few gym apparatus in the theatre room again. Everything looks like the year of 1920 of course!

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